Q: How can I apply for open positions? 

A: Please visit our job openings section and apply via the suggested link.

Q: I do not see any job openings that match my qualifications?

A: Please go to our Talent Community section, create an account and send us your CV. 

Q: I am interested to work at Barry Calleabaut. In which functional areas can I work in? 

A: Please visit our professionals section. We have many interesting business units. 

Q: How will I know if I am selected to participate in the interview process?

A: If your experience and qualifications match, then you will be contacted by a recruiter from the HR organisation. The interview process and next steps will then be explained.

Q: Where is Barry Calleabut located and in which geographic regions can I apply? 

A: Barry Callebaut has 9000 employees in 30 countries and more then 50 production facilities across the globe. Visit our locations page for more information.

Q: I applied for an open position, but have not received any response yet?

A: We receive allot of great resumes from all over the globe. Unfortunately it is not always possible to contact all candidates. If you want detailed feedback please reach out to you HR contact person.