Learningtogether@BC, Marbach

Take the lead, the rewards will follow

It is as important to us to develop great people as it is to offer great products. Our Marbach Development Programs are designed to help employees to learn the skills they need to contribute towards Barry Callebaut’s success.

The programs bear the name of Marbach, our learning and conference center outside Zürich. Marbach is an inspiration as well as a destination, the heart of our professional development activity and a retreat where we can reflect and renew our commitment. 

Employees can choose from a variety of courses in order to raise their level of knowledge about the company and the industry, learn how to develop a high-performance culture, build great teams, run successful projects, and help us become a an increasingly successful company that continually develops our talent and builds for the future.


To meet our global challenges, we have also extended the “Marbach spirit” through the Marbach Americas programs, held at the University of Chicago since 2008, and the Marbach Asia Pacific programs, which we launched in Singapore in 2013. These Marbach workshops help to meet the learning needs of Barry Callebaut colleagues in all regions and enable them to further their professional development.