Learning and development

We are convinced that the individual development of our employees is the key to their success.  And in order to maintain the fast growth of our company we rely on the talent of our people. We need employees who have the ambition to make a difference to Barry Callebaut’s performance as well as the potential to make an important contribution to the success of our business - now and in the future. 

Through our talent management program we aim to recruit, retain, motivate and develop talented people. Within our talent pool we intend to enable high potential employees to develop their careers by offering on-the-job opportunities, which are the best possible preparation for their next career step. Furthermore, we support all employees that are part of our talent culture with detailed short and long-term career planning, as well as training at our own training facilities in Marbach, Chicago and Singapore, where we offer a wealth of Development Programs.

Find your direction in the world of chocolate

Barry Callebaut offers talented and dedicated employees the opportunity to develop their careers by working in a foreign country. Given the broad scope of our global business, this offers a wide range of international job opportunities in all of our markets worldwide. This way we can ensure that key employees can gain the right experience in the right place at the right time.

Moreover, in an increasingly globalized world, it is imperative that our employees can develop and share best practices, awareness of cultural diversity and gain a better understanding of the markets in which we operate. For this reason, we have developed our Global Mobility program to facilitate the temporary relocation of our talented employees overseas in a way that is fair, consistent, compliant and transparent.