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datesort ascendingtitledepartmentcountrylocation
Feb 12, 2016Maintenance ManagerOSCO (OSCO)United StatesPennsauken (USPE)
Feb 12, 2016Solid Transport Co-ordinator & Overseas Supply Chain AnalystOSCO (OSCO)United KingdomBanbury (GBBA)
Feb 12, 2016R&D Project Manager - Fats and CompoundsR&D (RD)CanadaSt-Hyacinthe (CASH)
Feb 12, 2016Gourmet Sales manager, Key AccountsSales (SD)JapanTokyo (JPTO)
Feb 12, 2016Export Sachbearbeiter/in (40%)Customer Care (CC)SwitzerlandZurich (CHWP)
Feb 12, 2016Expert en Documentation Assurance Qualité (REMPLACEMENT DE CONGÉ DE MATERNITÉ - MANDAT DE 18 MOIS)Quality Assurance (QA)CanadaSt-Hyacinthe (CASH)
Feb 12, 2016Technicien R&D spécialité développement emballage (temporaire 6 mois)R&D (RD)CanadaSt-Hyacinthe (CASH)
Feb 11, 2016Subcontracting Quality ManagerQuality Assurance (QA)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Feb 11, 2016Pricing OfficerPricing (PR)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Feb 11, 2016(Junior) Trader Specialty CocoaTrading & Sourcing (TS)SwitzerlandZurich (CHWP)
Feb 11, 2016R&D TechnicianR&D (RD)United StatesPennsauken (USPE)
Feb 11, 2016Regional Supplier AuditorQuality Assurance (QA)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Feb 10, 2016Liquid Process SpecialistOSCO (OSCO)IndonesiaBandung (IDBA)
Feb 10, 2016Production AdministratorOSCO (OSCO)IndonesiaBandung (IDBA)
Feb 10, 2016Process EngineerOSCO (OSCO)IndonesiaBandung (IDBA)
Feb 9, 2016Quality Systems and Regulatory Affairs Manager EEMEA 1Quality Assurance (QA)TurkeyIstanbul (TRIS)
Feb 9, 2016Cleaner - Chocolate Academy DubaiSales (SD)United Arab EmiratesDubai (AEDU)
Feb 9, 2016General Ledger AccountantFinance (FI)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Feb 9, 2016R&D Project Manager - Fats and CompoundsR&D (RD)United StatesPennsauken (USPE)
Feb 8, 2016Stv.Produktionsleiter Marmelade, Backmassen und Instant (100%)OSCO (OSCO)SwitzerlandDübendorf (CHDU)
Feb 8, 2016Accounts Payable ClerkFinance (FI)United StatesChicago (USCO)
Feb 5, 2016Shift SupervisorOSCO (OSCO)IndonesiaBandung (IDBA)
Feb 3, 2016R&D Project ManagerR&D (RD)United StatesPennsauken (USPE)
Feb 3, 2016responsable qualité produitQuality Assurance (QA)FranceMeulan (FRME)
Feb 2, 2016Jr. ControllerFinance (FI)BelgiumKortrijk (BEKO)
Feb 1, 2016Demand Planning ManagerOSCO (OSCO)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Feb 1, 2016Planning ManagerOSCO (OSCO)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Jan 29, 2016Demand Planner Western EuropeOSCO (OSCO)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Jan 29, 2016Auditor Corporate Vendor Assurance (temp)Quality Assurance (QA)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Jan 29, 2016Business Development Manager Confectionery BeneluxSales (SD)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Jan 27, 2016Continuous Improvement Expert PricingPricing (PR)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Jan 27, 2016Legal CounselLegal (LG)SwitzerlandZurich (CHWP)
Jan 27, 2016agent de maintenanceOSCO (OSCO)FranceMeulan (FRME)
Jan 27, 2016Regional Account ManagerSales (SD)MalaysiaPort Klang (Offices) (MYKLOF)
Jan 26, 2016Responsable CommercialSales (SD)Ivory CoastAbidjan (Zone 4) (CIAS)
Jan 25, 2016Chargé développement RH (H/F) 1Human Resources (HR)FranceLouviers (FRLO)
Jan 25, 2016Inbound Transportation CoordinatorOSCO (OSCO)United StatesChicago (USCO)
Jan 22, 2016Tokyo Chocolate Academy Junior Marketing ManagerMarketing (MK)JapanTokyo (JPTO)
Jan 22, 2016Junior Application Support Analyst HR (Manage Human Resources) 1Information Management (IM)PolandShared Service Center (PLSC)
Jan 22, 2016Regional Account ManagerSales (SD)SingaporeMillenia (SGHQ)
Jan 22, 2016Indirect Spend Purchasing ManagerGeneral Management (GM)CameroonDouala (CMDO)
Jan 22, 2016Treasury ManagerFinance (FI)IndonesiaBandung (IDBA)
Jan 22, 2016R&D Manager, IndonesiaR&D (RD)MalaysiaMY - Port Klang (Offices)
Jan 22, 2016Supply Chain ManagerOSCO (OSCO)United StatesPennsauken (USPE)
Jan 22, 2016PD Manager, SEA/ANZ/KRR&D (RD)MalaysiaPort Klang (Offices) (MYKLOF)
Jan 21, 2016Senior Accountant PLFinance (FI)PolandLodz (PLLO)
Jan 21, 2016Graduate Trainee Program - Sales & MarketingSales (SD)SwedenMjölby (SEMJ)
Jan 20, 2016Environmental Health and Safety ManagerOSCO (OSCO)United StatesChicago (USCO)
Jan 20, 2016Continuous Improvement Team LeadOSCO (OSCO)United StatesChicago (USCO)
Jan 19, 2016Senior SAP Business Analyst - Finance & ControllingInformation ManagementSwitzerlandZurich (CHWP)
Jan 19, 2016Customer Care Agent (temporary)Customer Care (CC)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Jan 18, 2016Graduate Trainee Program - Quality AssuranceQuality Assurance (QA)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Jan 18, 2016Graduate Trainee Program - Operations and Supply ChainOSCO (OSCO)Ivory CoastAbidjan (Zone 4) (CIAS)
Jan 18, 2016Graduate Trainee Program - Finance & ControllingFinance (FI)SwitzerlandZurich (CHWP)
Jan 18, 2016Graduate Trainee Program - Trading & SourcingTrading & Sourcing (TS)CameroonDouala (CMDO)
Jan 15, 2016Graduate Trainee Program - Operations and Supply ChainOSCO (OSCO)JapanTakasaki (JPTK)
Jan 15, 2016Customer Care AssistantCustomer Care (CC)SpainBarcelona (ESBA)
Jan 15, 2016Graduate Trainee Program - Trading & SourcingTrading & Sourcing (TS)IndonesiaBandung (IDBA)
Jan 15, 2016Graduate Trainee Program - Sales & MarketingMarketing (MK)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Jan 15, 2016Graduate Trainee Program - Quality AssuranceQuality Assurance (QA)United StatesEddystone (USES)
Jan 14, 2016Graduate Trainee Program - Operations and Supply ChainOSCO (OSCO)IndonesiaBandung (IDBA)
Jan 14, 2016Assistante de LaboratoireQuality Assurance (QA)FranceMeulan (FRME)
Jan 14, 2016Graduate Trainee Program - Internal AuditInternal Audit (IA)SwitzerlandZurich (CHWP)
Jan 14, 2016Graduate Trainee Program - EngineeringOSCO (OSCO)United StatesChicago (USCO)
Jan 14, 2016Graduate Trainee Program - Sales & MarketingSales (SD)ItalyAssago (ITAS)
Jan 14, 2016Graduate Trainee Program - Research & DevelopmentR&D (RD)United Arab EmiratesDubai (AEDU)
Jan 14, 2016Graduate Trainee Program - Finance & ControllingFinance (FI)TurkeyIstanbul (TRIS)
Jan 14, 2016Graduate Trainee Program: Finance - PricingPricing (PR)United StatesChicago (USCO)
Jan 14, 2016Graduate Trainee Program - Research & DevelopmentR&D (RD)Ivory CoastAbidjan (Zone 4) (CIAS)
Jan 14, 2016Graduate Trainee Program - Research & DevelopmentR&D (RD)SingaporeMillenia (SGHQ)
Jan 13, 2016Plant Controller / Inventory CoordinatorOSCO (OSCO)United StatesChicago (MFG) (USCOMF)
Jan 13, 2016Master Data AdministratorR&D (RD)United StatesChicago (USCO)
Jan 12, 2016Logistic Category BuyerTrading & Sourcing (TS)SingaporeMillenia (SGHQ)
Jan 11, 2016Continuous Improvement ManagerCustomer Care (CC)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Jan 11, 2016Buyer Indirect SpendTrading & Sourcing (TS)SpainGurb (ESVI)
Jan 8, 2016Global Sensory Data ManagerQuality Assurance (QA)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Jan 7, 2016Raw Material Assurance ExpertQuality Assurance (QA)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Jan 6, 2016Elektromechanisch techniekerOSCO (OP / SC)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Jan 5, 2016Production Supervisor - Night ShiftOSCO (OSCO)United StatesSt-Albans (USSA)
Jan 5, 2016Training Manager Western EuropeHuman Resources (HR)BelgiumAalst (BEAA)
Jan 4, 2016Master Data AnalystR&D (RD)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Jan 4, 2016Packaging Development EngineerR&D (RD)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Jan 4, 2016Sales Director, Corporate AccountsSales (SD)United StatesChicago (USCO)
Jan 4, 2016Head Of ProcurementTrading & Sourcing (TS)Ivory CoastAbidjan (Zone 4) (CIAS)
Jan 4, 2016Brand developer replacementMarketing (MK)FranceMeulan (FRME)
Jan 4, 2016Raw Materials ManagerQuality Assurance (QA)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Dec 28, 2015Regional Account ManagerSales (SD)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Dec 22, 2015Demand Planner, Corporate AccountsOSCO (OSCO)United StatesChicago (USCO)
Dec 17, 2015Packaging Material Assurance ExpertQuality Assurance (QA)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Dec 14, 2015Warehouse SupervisorOSCO (OSCO)BelgiumAalst (BEAA)
Dec 11, 2015Chef Icecream Market SegmentMarketing (MK)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Dec 11, 2015Chef Bakery/Pastry Market SegmentMarketing (MK)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Dec 7, 2015Mechanical Design EngineerOSCO (OSCO)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Nov 27, 2015Employee Services and Recruitment Specialist EEMEAHuman Resources (HR)TurkeyIstanbul (TRIS)
Nov 24, 2015Quality Assurance ManagerQuality Assurance (QA)United StatesRobinson (USRO)
Nov 19, 2015Senior Group Accounting & Reporting Specialist - Financial Instruments / Commodity SpecialistFinance (FI)SwitzerlandZurich (CHWP)
Nov 13, 2015IM-IT: Junior business analyst forecast to stockInformation Management (IM)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Nov 9, 2015Junior Business AnalystInformation Management (IM)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Nov 9, 2015Project Manager Business Development Operations/Supply ChainOSCO (OSCO)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Nov 5, 2015National Account Manager GourmetSales (SD)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Nov 2, 2015Regional Continuous Improvement ManagerOSCO (OSCO)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Oct 29, 2015HR Business Partner Operations & Supply Chain / QA for Region Western EuropeHuman Resources (HR)BelgiumAalst (BEAA)
Oct 2, 2015Junior Business Analyst EDIInformation Management (IM)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Sep 22, 2015Material CoordinatorOSCOUnited StatesAmerican Canyon (USAC)
Sep 17, 2015Financial Accounting ManagerFinance (FI)MalaysiaMY - Port Klang (Plant)
Sep 11, 2015Business Development Manager DairySales (SD)BelgiumAalst (BEAA)
Aug 3, 2015Global Packaging Project ManagerR&D (RD)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Jul 31, 2015Master Data ExpertR&D (RD)BelgiumBE - Lebbeke - Wieze
Jul 3, 2015Business Analyst SalesForce.comInformation Management (IM)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Jun 29, 2015Supply Chain ManagerOSCO (OP / SC)United KingdomBanbury (GBBA)
Jun 24, 2015Traineeship within Marketing Gourmet Department (temporary internship)Marketing (MK)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Jan 22, 2015Senior QA ManagerMalaysia
Jan 16, 2015Business System AnalystMalaysia
Jan 9, 2015Sales FM ManagerIndonesia