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datesort ascendingtitledepartmentcountrylocation
Sep 28, 2016Talent Acquisition SpecialistHuman Resources (HR)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Sep 27, 2016Superviseur Laboratoire - Industrie AlimentaireQuality Assurance (QA)CanadaSt-Hyacinthe (CASH)
Sep 26, 2016Crop ForecasterTrading & Sourcing (TS)United StatesBandung (IDBA)
Sep 26, 2016Marketing & Design Manager IBCMarketing (MK)BelgiumKortrijk (BEKO)
Sep 23, 2016Demand PlannerOSCO (OSCO)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Sep 23, 2016Expert System EngineerInformation Management (IM)BelgiumAalst (BEAA)
Sep 23, 2016Junior Business Analyst SFDCInformation Management (IM)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Sep 22, 2016Especialista de AutomaçãoOSCO (OSCO)BrazilIlhéus (BRIL)
Sep 22, 2016HR OfficerHuman Resources (HR)NetherlandsZundert (NLZU)
Sep 22, 2016Business Development Manager DairySales (SD)BelgiumAalst (BEAA)
Sep 22, 2016Preventieadviseur Niveau 1OSCO (OSCO)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Sep 21, 2016Customer Care Team LeadCustomer Care (CC)BelgiumKortrijk (BEKO)
Sep 21, 2016Technical AdvisorSales (SD)FranceMeulan (FRME)
Sep 21, 2016HVAC ENGINEEROSCO (OSCO)United StatesBandung (IDBA)
Sep 21, 2016Technieker IBCOSCO (OP / SC)BelgiumKortrijk (BEKO)
Sep 21, 2016Regional Technical AdvisorSales (SD)FranceMeulan (FRME)
Sep 20, 2016Pricing OfficerPricing (PR)SwitzerlandZurich (CHWP)
Sep 19, 2016Teamlead IBCOSCO (OP / SC)BelgiumKortrijk (BEKO)
Sep 19, 2016SR.OSCO CONTROLLER ANALYSTFinance (FI)BrazilExtrema (BREX)
Sep 19, 2016AP AccountantFinance (FI)PolandLodz (PLLO)
Sep 19, 2016Technicien Laboratoire ApplicationR&D (RD)FranceLouviers (FRLO)
Sep 19, 2016QA technicianOSCO (OSCO)FranceMeulan (FRME)
Sep 16, 2016Senior Corporate Communications Manager EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa)Communications (CM)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Sep 16, 2016Raw Material PlannerOSCO (OSCO)United StatesPennsauken (USPE)
Sep 15, 2016Production/Maintenance ManagerOSCO (OSCO)SwitzerlandChatham (CACH)
Sep 15, 2016Sales and Marketing coordinatorSales (SD)United Arab EmiratesDubai (AEDU)
Sep 14, 2016Chocolate Academy ChefMarketing (MK)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Sep 13, 2016Senior Technical BuyerTrading & Sourcing (TS)United StatesHamburg (DEHA)
Sep 13, 2016Sales PromoterSales (SD)United StatesChicago (USCO)
Sep 13, 2016Transformation ManagerProjects (PJ)SwitzerlandZurich (CHWP)
Sep 13, 2016Pricing LeadPricing (PR)United StatesChicago (USCO)
Sep 13, 2016Subcontracting Planning ManagerOSCO (OSCO)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Sep 12, 2016Sales SupportSales (SD)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Sep 12, 2016Supervisor Electrical MaintenanceOSCO (OSCO)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Sep 9, 2016Sales support FMSales (SD)SpainBarcelona (ESBA)
Sep 8, 2016Data AnalystTrading & Sourcing (TS)Ivory CoastAbidjan (Vridi) (CIVR)
Sep 8, 2016Production PlannerOSCO (OSCO)United StatesPennsauken (USPE)
Sep 8, 2016OtC AccountantFinance (FI)PolandLodz Shared Service Center (PLSC)
Sep 8, 2016R&D Project ManagerR&D (RD)United StatesPennsauken (USPE)
Sep 8, 2016Site Maintenance LeaderOSCO (OSCO)Ivory CoastAbidjan (Zone 4) (CIAS)
Sep 8, 2016Sustainability ManagerTrading & Sourcing (TS)United StatesChicago (USCO)
Sep 7, 2016Process & Continuous Improvement EngineerOSCO (OSCO)Ivory CoastSan Pedro (Factory) (CISU)
Sep 6, 2016Senior Buyer Oils & FatsTrading & Sourcing (TS)SwitzerlandZurich (CHWP)
Sep 3, 2016Quality Systems and Continuous Improvement ExpertQuality Assurance (QA)SpainGurb (ESVI)
Sep 1, 2016Product Development EngineerR&D (RD)PolandLodz (PLLO)
Aug 31, 2016Supply Chain CoordinatorOSCO (OSCO)SwitzerlandChatham (CACH)
Aug 31, 2016Quality Assurance ManagerQuality Assurance (QA)United StatesChicago (MFG) (USCOMF)
Aug 31, 2016Health Environmental Safety LeaderOSCO (OSCO)Ivory CoastSan Pedro (Factory) (CISU)
Aug 30, 2016Maintenance SupervisorOSCO (OSCO)United StatesChicago (MFG) (USCOMF)
Aug 29, 2016Business Development Manager Confectionery BeneluxSales (SD)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Aug 23, 2016Sales Operations Manager - Corporate AccountsSales (SD)United StatesChicago (USCO)
Aug 23, 2016Lehrstelle Kauffrau/Kaufmann EFZHuman Resources (HR)SwitzerlandZurich (CHWP)
Aug 22, 2016Maintenance Stream LeaderOSCO (OSCO)Ivory CoastSan Pedro (Factory) (CISU)
Aug 22, 2016Certified Electrical EngineerOSCO (OSCO)Ivory CoastAbidjan (Zone 4) (CIAS)
Aug 22, 2016Marketing Communications & PR ManagerMarketing (MK)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Aug 18, 2016Supervisor WeekendOSCO (OSCO)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Aug 11, 2016Production EngineerOSCO (OSCO)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Aug 10, 2016Key Account Manager Food Manufacturing FranceSales (SD)FranceMeulan (FRME)
Aug 9, 2016Account Manager Food ManufacturingSales (SD)NetherlandsZundert (NLZU)
Aug 5, 2016Technical Buyer 1Trading & Sourcing (TS)FranceLouviers (FRLO)
Aug 3, 2016Quality Stream LeaderQuality Assurance (QA)Ivory CoastSan Pedro (Factory) (CISU)
Aug 1, 2016Packaging Development EngineerR&D (RD)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Jul 29, 2016SHE Manager EMEAOSCO (OSCO)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Jul 8, 2016Regional Master Data ManagerR&D (RD)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Jul 8, 2016R&D administratorR&D (RD)PolandShared Service Center (PLSC)
Jul 7, 2016Pricing Administration AssistantPricing (PR)PolandLodz (PLLO)
Jul 5, 2016Assistant Head of Credit Control EuropeFinance (FI)PolandLodz (PLLO)
Jul 5, 2016Project ManagerProjects (PJ)PolandLodz (PLLO)
Jul 5, 2016Continuous Improvement Expert - SSCProjects (PJ)PolandLodz (PLLO)
Jul 5, 2016Project AdministratorProjects (PJ)PolandLodz (PLLO)
Jul 5, 2016Customer Care Agent 1 1Customer Care (CC)PolandLodz (PLLO)
Jun 28, 2016Regional Sales Manager - FM CASales (SD)SingaporeMillenia (SGHQ)
Jun 22, 2016Senior SAP Business Analyst FICOInformation Management (IM)SwitzerlandZurich (CHWP)
Jun 21, 2016Global R&D Program Manager-Cocoa ScienceR&D (RD)BelgiumAalst (BEAA)
Jun 16, 2016Payroll OfficerHuman Resources (HR)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Jun 14, 2016Global Mobility ManagerHuman Resources (HR)SwitzerlandZurich (CHWP)
May 2, 2016Group Tax ManagerFinance (FI)SwitzerlandZurich (CHWP)
Apr 25, 2016ChemistRussia
Mar 21, 2016Business Development Manager Bakery/Pastry BeneluxSales (SD)BelgiumBE - Lebbeke - Wieze
Mar 8, 2016Monitoring & Evaluation ManagerIvory Coast
Feb 17, 2016Sales SupportSpain
Dec 11, 2015Chef Bakery/Pastry Market SegmentMarketing (MK)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Dec 11, 2015Chef Icecream Market SegmentMarketing (MK)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Sep 17, 2015Financial Accounting ManagerFinance (FI)MalaysiaMY - Port Klang (Plant)
Jun 24, 2015Traineeship within Marketing Gourmet Department (temporary internship)Marketing (MK)BelgiumLebbeke-Wieze (BEWI)
Jan 22, 2015Senior QA ManagerMalaysia
Jan 16, 2015Business System AnalystMalaysia
Jan 9, 2015Sales FM ManagerIndonesia
Jan 1, 1970Pricing OfficerSwitzerland