Information Management

Julie Bekaert:

“Barry Callebaut launched the 'Spring' project, which is a business process re-engineering project focusing on the analysis of Barry Callebaut’s internal processes in Western Europe. I support the project team in the area of customer service – we strive for an optimized communication with our customers. It is really interesting to see that the project you’re working on has such a big impact on the work of other people."

Pedro Sanchez:

„I enjoy the work environment and the international culture of the company. There are ten different nationalities in my local team in Zurich. I have the opportunity to travel a lot – for example on projects in Ivory Coast, Japan, Singapore or recently in a newly acquired factory in Indonesia. What I like most about these travels is the interaction with the different cultures in these countries."

Sonja Schau:

„I like the challenges in my job and to work with so many diverse people around the country and globe. I started at Barry Callebaut in Belgium and was given the chance to move to Malaysia. Since I have been here, my team and I have worked on SAP integration projects for our Barry Callebaut factories in Takasaki, Japan and Makassar, Indonesia."

Julie Bekaert, Pedro Sanchez, Sonja Schau

Julie Bekaert (l.) is a Junior SAP Business Analyst and works in Wieze, Belgium. Pedro Sanchez (m.) is Senior Business Analyst and works in Zurich, Switzerland. Sonja Schau (r.) is Senior SAP Consultant and works in Port Klang, Malaysia.