Graduate Trainee Program - Research & Development

As the only global cocoa and chocolate manufacturer with an integrated research and development network, we have 22 R&D centers worldwide, managing about 2,400 projects a year and running almost 11,300 trials per year. The result is a constantly expanding and improving portfolio of recipes, products and services for our customers

Working within this area you may expect to become involved with the technical side of our many products and services. As we strive to constantly improve our quality and technical efficiency our applied R&D Team develops new products and new recipes while our Innovation Team is dedicated to research all cocoa components and to develop new products which combine good taste with health advantages. Our rebalancing  team focuses on offering products with an improved nutritional profile, without sacrificing the enjoyment of chocolate. 

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Peter Boone, Chief Innovation & Quality Officer

“The graduate program is an ideal way for graduates to get to know Barry Callebaut as a company and learn about all aspects of chocolate & cocoa: a product that makes everybody smile. The program is a good method for Barry Callebaut to rotate graduates through the various R&D disciplines and countries to evaluate a person’s strengths and preferences.Understanding those well ensures a long and productive career for both the graduate and Barry  Callebaut.”