Graduate Trainee Program - Operations & Supply Chain

Our factory network currently consists of more than 50 factories and is continually expanding. By strictly conforming to clearly defined key performance indicators and highest quality standards, we ensure ongoing cost reductions, energy savings and improvements around the globe. Our Operations area involves multidisciplinary teams skilled in transforming cocoa into delicious chocolate products.

You may become involved in the areas of Plant Management, Production, Supply Chain, Engineering etc. You would then be responsible for running our local factories, the technical installations of equipment, manage construction of new factories, optimize our supply chain footprint amongst others.

Apply now for Ivory Coast or Poland or United States - Chicago / American Canyon

Dirk Poelman, Chief Operations Officer

“The trainee program serves multiple purposes within Operations. First of all, it provides additional skilled resources to allow us to implement our new continuous improvement program. Secondly, as the trainees move to other locations to roll out the continuous improvement program, the know-how is transferred in a faster and more efficient way. Thirdly it’s an ideal preparation to allow the trainees to take up an operational role in the future.”