Graduate Trainee Program - Coaching & Mentoring

To ensure solid, all-round development of your Graduate Trainee experience, you are assigned a mentor and a coach right at the beginning of the program. The coach is responsible for your guidance on day-to-day matters and the Mentor’s focus is on your long-term development. Therefore the coach changes for each rotation and the mentor stays for the length of the program.

The Coach is the local line manager working with the Graduate Trainee on a daily basis. The coach defines the tasks and objectives together with you at the beginning of each rotation. Throughout the assignment knowledge and experience is shared, you are challenged and assessed and you receive ongoing feedback on your performance.

The Mentor is a senior manager who is responsible for you throughout the program and responsible for introducing you to your first role after the program. The mentor shares experience with you and guides you through your career and future development within the business. For example they might invite the trainee to international meetings, phone conferences, or invite you to participate in global projects. It is also the mentor’s role to help you understand the structure and business objectives of the BC Group. At the start of the program and on an ongoing basis, the mentor and yourself discuss and define your future position within Barry Calleabut. It is important that the expectations of both mentor and yourself are discussed and shared during these conversations.